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They say the UK interracial dating tops interracial dating anywhere the world overhere are distinct combinations of interracial couple in London and apparently the tolerance to interracial couples is pretty high in this capitalhis will not necessarily mean that there are no occasional stares and opposition to interracial dating but such occasional negative attitude happens everywhereut what is the UK interracial dating scene every likehen it comes to the UK interracial dating scene, most people feel men from the UK prefer dating black women than they do whitehis will not mean that they don't find white women attractive or that they don't hit on themt's just that, in comparison to America, apparently black women are the most sought after remember when me and my friends visited the UK, it always seemed like the white British men were more interested in us African American girls than they were with my white friendsell, who wouldn't ought to have us, we are pretty hotut... [READ MORE - HOW CAN YOU SHOW YOU LOVE YOUR GIRLFRIEND]

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Rene Russo Interview For Nightcrawler I Adore Her

Rene Russo Interview For Nightcrawler I Adore Her
I am loving Rene Russo in Nightcrawler. She plays the role of Nina Romina, the fanatical News Guide for KWLA. Shes eroded with kick of experience later than her but she lately meets her match whenever you like Lou Streak (THE LOFTY JAKE GYLLENHAAL) enters the check over. And I am very happy to see Russo not playing her representation roles the wife, girlfriend, or heck, Thors momma. I sat down with the actor to let her comprehend about my love for Nightcrawler and her lofty performance.In this meeting, we talked about her attraction to making the capture on film and her role, and the sad speak of local news. Move a look at my fun meeting with the lovely and expert Rene Russo.Bona fide Nightcrawler synopsis:NIGHTCRAWLER is a pulse-pounding mystery set in the of the night underbelly of prevailing Los Angeles. Jake Gyllenhaal stars as Lou Streak, a provoked young man desperate for work who discovers the immediately world of L.A. contravention writing. Considered opinion a group of freelance camera crews who conjure up crashes, fires, butchery and previous mayhem, Lou muscles into the cut-throat, unadorned place of nightcrawling -- where each standardize bell yelp social group a apt break and victims are persuaded into dollars and cents. Aided by Rene Russo as Nina, a qualified of the blood-sport that is local TV news, Lou thrives. In the early, permanent search for demo, he becomes the brand of his own story. (C) Amenable AspectOn paper and directed by Dan GilroySequence Jake Gyllenhaal as Louis Streak Rene Russo as Nina Riz Ahmed as Twist Make sure Paxton as Joe Loder


Thursday, 29 January 2015

Dont Find Time Make Time To Have A Great Relationship And Marriage

Dont Find Time Make Time To Have A Great Relationship And Marriage
A reader asks how to find some time in a busy schedule to spend with her husband. In her case, and maybe in yours as well, finding time isn't possible because it just isn't there to find. When When there's none to be found, you have to make some!

I love hearing from the women who subscribe to this newsletter as much as the men. Their questions are just as relevant and they prove that women really do want time with their men to be intimate and nurturing and to have some fun. Meet K.:

Hello David,

I have a question for you. My husband and I work together as we own our own construction company. We are together 24 hours a day, and need to find a way that we can spend time together but not as work. It seems like when we get home we are too tired to have any intimate time together and when we are at work we are AT WORK. I want to know how I can separate work from pleasure with him. We don't have much family that we can rely on to take our son, and the one's that we do have that take him are sick right now. So when we need our alone time we want it.

How can we get this?


My reply:
Good morning, K!

Under the constraints you've listed, you can't, so you're going to have to make some changes, at least small ones. You're going to have to change your priorities to make that time together actually important enough to take it, and then manage your schedule so that you can, no matter what that takes. Maybe until your babysitters get well, you might have to schedule one day a week where the two of you disappear at lunchtime for an hour or longer, to an intimate lunch or a hotel or whatever, or schedule a late opening one morning so that you can have a little while at home after your child has gone to school before going to work, or something like that. How you do it isn't important as long as it doesn't destroy your business, but you have to schedule the time and then take the time instead of just waiting for a window to open.

I'm all about achievement and getting the job done, and this was a very hard lesson for me to learn as well; very early in my own marriage, my wife and I were both over-achievers and found ourselves in serious trouble before we realized that while we love each other dearly, we had inadvertently let our work schedules take over our lives, and had evolved from husband and wife into roommates and business partners. That was one of the problems that led to me doing the research to write "THE Man's Guide to Great Relationships and Marriage," and one of the first problems that I put to the test group to solve.

It turned out they all had it to some degree, either with spending all their time with their jobs or their kids, and for most, just scheduling one date and one lunch per week was enough to keep them close and engaged while continuing to get things more under control, and all of them found that once the schedule was made and acknowledged, it was very easy to keep to their commitments as long as they were smart about scheduling the time, avoiding times that were common for meetings, times that were in the middle of project start-ups, times that were during peak customer flow or when they knew they would have problems getting a sitter, etc., and they always secured a sitter before planning the date - "We need a couple hours some evening this week; when would be good for you?" was the question. And when the sitter gave them a date, it was set in stone, and only an event that produced fever or lots of blood was a good excuse for breaking the babysitting engagement and spoiling the date.

This isn't as hard as what it may sound. An hour or two per week isn't going to make that big a difference in your business, if any, and it will make a world of difference in your life together. Just realize that you're together for the long haul, and you should therefore try to give each other the best part of your day instead of what's left over after everybody and everything else has worn you out all day.

Speaking of which, when you do schedule an evening date, try to keep your day-time schedule a little lighter than other days to make sure you aren't too tired to enjoy the time together, and never let yourself think that you are too tired to enjoy some time together without at least trying it. You'd be surprised how rejuvenating a little intimate, playful time together can be, because it gets your adrenaline pumping. Sometimes a long day doesn't create so much fatigue as it does simple frustration and depression, and some time together in celebration of a job well done and a rough work day brought to a close can be the best pick-me-up of all.

And if you're really all that tired and need some low-energy together time, pile up together on the couch with a drink and a bowl of popcorn or anything that can be shared, sit close, clink the bottles or glasses in a toast, and just be still and relax together. No, it's not steamy sex on a yacht or hiking in the Andes or some deep emotional discussion, but when you're that tired at the end of a long day of over-achieving, even that quiet, mindless time spent in the intimate ritual of sharing food and entertainment is better than just crashing and forgetting about it. Do whatever you are able to do to indulge in what husbands and wives enjoy doing together.

Give this a try, and let me know if I can be of further help. You can do this.

Take care, and keep in touch!


A lot of couples make this mistake. They try to find time instead of making time, not realizing that when your life is in overdrive, even small amounts of time scattered through the week can make a huge difference in keeping your relationship on track, and if a couple hours a week is going to make the difference between your business folding or succeeding or the difference in you being able or unable to pay your household bills, you've got bigger problems than you realize and need to be finding some professional help. It's like arguing over a nickel at the cash register; if that nickel is going to break either you or the vendor, you're already broke.

Make the time for what's important, and get your priorities straight. You will most likely outlive your career, your parents, and your friends by a very long time, and while you may not outlive your children, they will be moving out of your house somewhere around age 20 and you won't be seeing that much of them after they are gone. Your partner, on the other hand, is supposed to be with you for life, right? Common sense should tell you that your partner should therefore be your first priority, and if they are not, then you need to stop and figure out whether your priorities are wrong or you're with the wrong partner.

Finding a new job, making new friends, or even making new babies is relatively easy compared to finding a true life partner and soul mate, and if you've found one and lose them, that lengthens the odds of finding another somewhat, does it not? Look at your life, and get your priorities in order, and then do whatever it takes to support those priorities. Yes, it's really that simple.

When it comes to your partner, Gentlemen, doing what it takes to keep her happy and striving to nurture and excite you is a simple matter of communications and manliness, something you aren't taught in school, and have no hope of learning from watching television unless you're able to home in on that tiny percentage of programming that shows men and women being men and women, and not this homogenized New Age mess of political correctness and utter wussification and victim mentality that seems to be swallowing the world.

For a tested and proven, tutorial and definitive reference on "keeping mama happy so she keeps everybody happy," go to and download your copy of "THE Man's Guide to Great Relationships and Marriage." Life's too short to let it pass under-lived and unenjoyed, and as anybody who has ever used it will tell you, this book is "the hook-up" you've been looking for.

In the meantime, live well, be well, and have a wonderful day!

David Cunningham"Being a man is something to which one should aspire, not something for which he should apologize." --David Cunningham

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Bernie Madoff The Gift That Just Keeps Giving

Bernie Madoff The Gift That Just Keeps Giving
August has been a good month for Tales from Madoff.

First, there was the bit-een of news that the near-widow Madoff can't spend 100 on any one item without informing a trustee watching over her breathtakingly scant - compared to what once was - funds.

It has likely been many years since Ruthie spent less than that on an article of clothing or personal adornment. For someone used to bespoke, the thought of off-the-sale-rack at Macy's must be unspeakable. Too bad Ruthie lives in NYC, where being chic is almost an obligation. If she were to move to Boston, she could outfit herself top to toe from the L.L. Bean catalog without dropping 100 on any one item, as long as she stayed away from the down parkas (which I'm sure she could get trustee permission for). No one would notice the sartorial difference - as long as she hung on to her good little black dress. Plus, L.L. Bean awards frequent buyer coupons, so Ruthie could accrue them and have an occasional splurge on a 100+ something that came in under once the coupons were applied, and the trustees would be none the wiser.

Of course, Ruthie is in NYC, which means she does have access to street vendors hawking knock off Vuitton bags and Rolex watches, so she can keep up appearances that way. (Just don't take that Vuitton bag out in the rain, honey.)

But Ruthie has more on her mind these days, I'm sure.

To the long, unbroken string of indignities that she has suffered since last December comes the news that the love of her life canoodled for twenty years with one Sheryl Weinstein, former CFO for Hadassah. Things worked out for Hadassah: the 40M they invested with Madoff turned into 130M. (They've worked out so far, anyway. The 90M profit could be subject to a clawback.)

Things went less well for Weinstein on the personal front. She and her husband invested their personal fortune with Madoff, and it is, alas, gone.

Weinstein's husband, Ronald, told a Bloomberg reporter after the meeting he lost a "ton of money."

Ronald Weinstein said he knew Madoff and once thought he was "unassuming, a very nice guy." Weinstein said he felt he was "a very poor judge of character."

Amen to that, Ron. (Wonder what the Sheryl-Ronald behind closed doors confabs sound like these days.)

Sheryl W was one of those who spoke at Bernie sentencing hearing, where she:

...urged the judge to keep Madoff "in a cage behind bars" for his crimes.

"He is a beast that has stolen for his own needs the livelihoods, savings, lives, hopes and dreams and futures of others," she said. "He has fed upon us to satisfy his own needs. No matter how much he takes and from whom he takes, he is never satisfied. He is an equal opportunity destroyer."

Near penury,

Weinstein and her husband have recently published Laundry Today, a commercial and industrial laundry trade paper.

Laundry Today? Does the excitement ever end? But I suppose the employment prospects aren't all that great for a CPA/CFO who carried on with the manager of the money that she directs.

Of course, there's more. Sheryl has a tell-all coming out next week: "Madoff's Other Secret: Love, Money, Bernie, and Me."

A representative for the book's publisher, St. Martin's Press, says that the book, which is ghostwritten - not enough time to pen your own, I guess, what with churning out Laundry Today - and promises to be a "'fast read.'"

Yes, and I'm guessing a fast trip to the remainder bin. Too bad they didn't get this out earlier in the summer. Sounds like a fabulous beach read.

(Source for material quoted above: Bloomberg.)

If Sheryl Weinstein rues the day she met Bernie, Frank DiPascali no doubt does as well.

DiPascali was, more or less, Bernie's wing-man, and recently admitted in court that he helped carry out the Ponzi scheme.

In return for providing detail on the scam, and naming names, DiPascali hopes to reduce a potential 125 years in an orange jumpsuit sentence down to something that he can live with, like 90 or a 100 years.

DiPascali is giving the court the dish on how they were able to carry things out by:

....using historical stock data from the Internet to create fake trade blotters, sending out fraudulent account statements to clients and arranging wire transfers between Mr. Madoff's London and New York offices to create the impression that the firm was earning commissions from stock trades...

And, from his account, keeping the scheme afloat and investors and regulators duped was a full-time job. To give the appearance that Mr. Madoff's firm had mastered the markets, Mr. Madoff and his employees would track stock prices and then simply pretend to buy stocks whose trajectories matched the firm's investment goals, Mr. DiPascali said. (Source: "NY Times".)

Wouldn't it have been easy, like, just to make some, you know, real trades and let the blue chips fall where they may?

So now we wait for DiPascali to dime the managers, go-fers, sales people, programmers, and admins who were cogs in the grand Ponzi scheme. It will be interesting to learn how many knew out right that what they were doing was criminal vs. those that had a glimmer vs. those that had nary a clue.

It's easy enough to think that they all "had to know."

But it's also easy enough to think that those at the lower end of the work hierarchy, especially those who are by nature incurious, could have just shrugged and 'whatevered' their way into unwitting participation in the crime.

"'Hey, the boss told me we needed to come up with a program to do fake trades. It's for some simulation or something. Something that's got to do if seeing if a model really works. Whatever. I'm on it. Seems like an interesting enough project."

Or, "Damn, the computer broke so I had to work until 10 last night to get these statements out for Mr. DiPascali. You should see how much some of these people are worth. If I had a nickel for every million these a-holes make, I'd be rich. Sometimes I just want to say, Frankie, baby, how about tossing a little my way."

Easy enough to see how easy it'd be.

Maybe not for me and thee, with our natural curiosity, trove or analytical skills, and deep-seated suspicion of authority. But for some "little guy" or BBQ girl," hey, it's a job. They don't pay me to think".

It will be very interesting to see how this works out.

All that's related to the Madoff Affair is not, fortunately, the tawdry histrionics of Bernie's romance of the century with Hadassah's CFO, or the smoking guns that DiPascali promises.

I was remiss in not earlier noting July's bright and shining piece of Madoff-related news, which I will lift in its entirety from

A North Shore-based philanthropist is using 5 million of his own money to restore the retirement savings of his employees who lost their nest eggs to admitted swindler Bernard L. Madoff.

Robert I. Lappin today began restoring the funds to 60 employees of his company, Salem [Massachusetts]-based Shetland Properties, Inc., and to his private charity, The Robert I. Lappin Charitable Foundation. The employees' 401(k) plans, as well as the foundation's money and some of Lappin's personal wealth was managed by Madoff, who used the funds in what investigators believe is the largest Ponzi scheme in history.

"I wanted to do the right thing," he said. "And, I feel, I've done the right thing and that to me is my reward."

Lappin has also revived his foundation, which closed briefly in December after losing 8 million to Madoff. The nonprofit supports Jewish education and culture on the North Shore, and has restored 17 programs in education, interfaith outreach and family development. On Sunday the foundation helped send 82 Jewish teens to Israel after raising 450,000 in private donations for the Youth To Israel travel program.

Lappin has owned Shetland Properties, Inc., for 51 years. He said his net worth is now less than 10 million, a tenth of what it was before the scandal.

So here's to you, Robert Lappin, my candidate for Mensch of the Year. In a world that seems to be increasingly populated by anti-mensches the likes of Sheryl Weinsteins and Frank DiPascali, it's nice to know that he's around, isn't it?

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Top Places To Meet Shanghai Girls

Top Places To Meet Shanghai Girls
So, you are interested in Shanghai dating and you look for the places to meet local girls. The easiest and the best way to find Shanghai girls if you are a foreigner is getting on-line and looking for the available dating and matrimonial dating sites that offer you meeting and matchmaking with Chinese women.

To find the site that will really work for you, you will have to use the modern browse systems and implement your own research. You can ask friends and relatives, who maybe have tried Chinese on-line dating and have some experience in this matter. If not, then look for the information on the internet at forums, blogs and available articles. You can also become a free member for a trial period at most of the modern Chinese dating sites and check what site will work the best for you and where the choice of the Shanghai girls is more diverse and closer to your liking. We are sure there is someone there for you. Internet has become one of the main ways for foreign men to meet Shanghai girls. If you think internet dating is for losers, or it doesn't work, get rid of all our pre-cautions and discover how many couples married with the help of international dating websites. You can be the one of them.

If you are in Shanghai city you may wonder about the places to meet girls. There are many places where you can meet them and many options for organizing your dates. Below you will find the top five places that make up the great romantic date spots during any season. They will help you to impress your Chinese lady and make your date memorable. You can select these places for your date when you have met the lady you are interested in on-line.

You can go to the Cupola at Three on the Bund, if you want to surprise your date. It is a historic building that used to be a bell tower long ago. From this place you would be able to observe the surroundings of the Bund, the Huang Pu and Pudong. Here you will have access to the three restaurants with great food: Whampoa Club, Laris Jean Georges and New Heights.

An ultra-chic locale to meet Shanghai girls is Jade bar on 36. Here you can order a bottle of champagne, sit close to the window and enjoy the sights of the city: Shangri-la, the Bund and the whole city.

Lan Na Thai represents a romantic venue in Thai style. The food served here is excellent and your date will be pleasantly surprised by a dessert. This place it is a paradise for a Thai cuisine gourmet.

Yin is the venue where you will feel the old Shanghai since crossing the threshold. Cool design, excellent food and life jazz music will carry you two into the world of romantic pleasure.

Manifesto is a wonderful venue for talking and drinking. Versatile cocktails list, fine wines and pleasant tunes will make your conversation flow in a cozy and pleasurable ambiance.

As you can see meeting Shanghai girls is not a problem at all. You just need to know how and where to look them for. Now you know the places to invite your Chinese date to make her feel special and enjoy your romantic time together.

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One Secret That Will Attract Beautiful Women To You

One Secret That Will Attract Beautiful Women To You
In chemistry, reactions between two chemicals are always the same no matter how many times you do the same experiment. Reactions between men and women tend to be the same also. Men want to attract beautiful women and women want the attention of the men. Some men, it seems, find it easy to attract women, while others seem to have to work at it more. The only difference between the first set of men and the second is that the first set of men know the secret that the second set of men have yet to figure out.

Women can tell if a man is confident in himself. He doesn't even have to say a word and she can tell, just by the way he carries himself. In order to attract beautiful women, it is important make sure you act in a confident but not cocky manner. Always walk into a room as if you're supposed to be there - no hesitation, no faltering. Walk in with your head held high and your shoulders back.

Don't hesitate to make eye contact with anyone. Looking someone in the eye when speaking to them is a very confident gesture. If you happen to see someone you know, walk right up to that person, acknowledge them and shake hands. Women want to know that the man they're attracted to is sure of himself and that he's comfortable in his own skin. Sometimes the last thing a man will feel is confident when he is in an uncomfortable situation but this is where the important secret part comes inThe man has to PRETEND that he's confident and sure of himself even when he's not! If he pretends this, he'll become this! It may seem uncomfortable for a while, it may feel like you are pretending but it will eventually become a habit. This action will become natural to the man after time and he will essentially learn to become more confident.

Unfortunately there isn't a secret formula on how to attract beautiful women - only a few secret tips. There will be days that nothing seems to work and these will be times you'll want to give up buta confident man would never give up! He'd continue to follow through because he's got the confidence in himself to do it. He knows he's worth it and if you continue to believe in yourself, you'll find out that you are worth it too.


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